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Auburn Public Library receives funding for programming, collection expansion

May 15 2024

AUBURN, Ala.- The Auburn Public Library recently received contributions from the Auburn Public Library Foundation that will help support the library's growing collection and programming needs. The Auburn Public Library Foundation, formerly known as the Friends of the Auburn Public Library, is a local nonprofit group that promotes and supports the Auburn Public Library.

The foundation allocated $5,000 to address the bustling demand for children's and teen's materials, allowing the library to increase purchases of popular titles to ensure every child could delve into their favorite stories without delay. These books will likely be showcased on displays throughout the summer, inviting young minds into a world of literary exploration.

The foundation also allocated $2,000 to support the library's flourishing Adults Create! program, a haven for adults seeking creative expression and community connection. These funds will cover the costs of supplies, equipment and refreshments. With each session of Adults Create! filled to capacity and a growing waiting list, the donation paves the way for expansion. This summer, two sessions will be held each month offering the community more opportunities to participate.

One touching testimonial captured the essence of these grants' potential impact. A regular participant in Adults Create! shared how the program had become a form of self-care amid her responsibilities as a primary caregiver. For her, the program provided a precious moment of respite, a space to nurture her creativity and well-being.

The Auburn Public Library would like to thank the Auburn Public Library Foundation for contributing to its mission to inspire, enrich and delight Auburn residents with vital and valuable resources, services and experiences.