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Auburn Public Library welcomes Seed Library

May 09 2024

AUBURN, Ala.- The Auburn Public Library is growing something new — a Seed Library for the community. Beginning May 6, community members may pick up free seeds from the Auburn Public Library (APL), located at 749 E. Thach Ave., to grow at home.

The Seed Library at APL was created and curated by the Auburn Blue FFA Chapter at Auburn High School. Auburn Blue FFA Chapter Secretary Kate Witten says one goal of the Seed Library is to nurture a “cycle of sustainability (and) promote growth of nutritious food in our community.” Through the Seed Library, budding gardeners at all levels are empowered to cultivate their own fresh fruits and vegetables.

A seed library is a collection of seeds available for lending to the community. The collection consists of an assortment of donated seeds for fruits, vegetables, herbs and ornamentals. The process is simple:

  • Visit the Seed Library and “check out” (or take) any seeds from the library. Record which seeds you “borrowed” so they can be restocked.
  • Following the directions on the packet, plant the seeds in your garden.
  • “Return” (or donate) seeds from your mature crops back to the Seed Library.

The Library offers a large collection of growing and gardening books for those looking for a little help.

For more information, email the Library at Library Events or the Auburn Blue FFA Advisors at or